Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lucian Freud with Orchid II

This is my second homage to Lucian Freud, one of the finest figurative painters to my way of thinking. 
From the moment I set eyes on Freud's paintings at the Acquavella after moving to New York, I couldn't stop staring. Still feel the same today. So, it only seemed right to incorporate his work somehow. Here, I have presented a slightly different angle of the same subject shown in "Lucian Freud with Orchid" - the looming poster from Freud's "L'Atelier" exhibition paired with a white orchid. I was immediately smitten by the intent of "L'Atelier" -- to give a glimpse behind the doors of Freud's London studio, a painter's laboratory. 
These pieces are meant to capture a glimpse of that mystique.